Wild Cat Research and Conservation

Our Vision

To conserve the 36 species of wild cats, their prey, and their habitat in perpetuity and to promote vibrant human communities nested within biologically rich, life-supporting ecosystems.

Our Mission

From wildlife science to anthropology, and art to engineering, University of Arizona is uniquely suited to fulfill the following mission:

  • We inspire people, through the arts and sciences, to generate hope and create solutions for wild cats, nature, and mankind.
  • As a highly collaborative and integrative center, we train, mentor, and support biologists and students around the world to conduct science-based studies of wild cats.
  • We, our students, and our partners develop cultural and sociological skills to "cat"alyze tangible conservation of wild cats and their habitats worldwide.
  • We solve conflicts between wild cats and humans (i.e. with respect to pets, livestock, high-value natural prey species, and human safety), and between people with varying perspectives about wild cats.
  • We incorporate local people (citizen scientists) and schools in our programs to engage their interest, knowledge, and ownership of wild cat conservation.